28 Ocak 2018 Pazar

Learn Computer Vision with OpenCV and Python

I have prepared a course to teach computer vision & image processing from scratch. In this course, you will find special examples beside the fundamental topics. I preferred to use OpenCV which is an open source computer vision library used and supported by many people!. And I have used OpenCV with Python, because Python allows us to focus on the problem easily without spending time for programming syntax/complex codes.

Note: Below you can find some figures/videos about the lectures. Also new videos will be added and course content will expand

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You will learn the topics:
  • The key concepts of computer Vision & OpenCV
  • Basic operations: histogram equalization,thresholding, convolution, edge detection, sharpening ,morphological operations, image pyramids.
  • Keypoints and key point matching

  • Special App : mini game by using key points
  • Image segmentation: segmentation and contours, contour properties, line detection, circle detection, blob detection, watershed segmentation.
  • Special App: People counter 

  • Object tracking:Tracking APIs, Filtering by Color.

  • Special App: Tracking of moving objectT
  • Object detection: haarcascade face and eye detection, HOG pedestrian detection

  • Object detection with Deep Learning

  • Create dataset, Train and Test Deep Learning Model

  • Facial Landmark smiling detection

  • Facial Landmark sleeping detection

  • Missing and abandoned object detection

  • Soccer players detection

  • Deep learning based object detection API with Flask

  • Search object with sliding window and eliminate overlapping bounding boxes

  • Learn how to code to play dino runner with your hand movements

  • Head angle detection

  • Detect if you are wearing a hat or not!

  • Skin detection

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